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Aquadex FlexFlow® System

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Aquapharesis Diagram_600x900 no CHF-01Aquapheresis therapy, delivered by the Aquadex FlexFlow system, uses a simplified approach to ultrafiltration for the removal of salt and water in patients with Hypervolemia, or fluid overload. Compared to renal replacement devices used for ultrafiltration, the Aquadex FlexFlow system is smaller and more portable.

By removing excess salt and water in a safe, predictable, and effective manner, the Aquadex FlexFlow is intended to improve symptoms and clinical outcomes and enables the focus to be on treating the underlying clinical condition, whatever it may be.

Physicians can specify and adjust the exact amount and rate of fluid to be removed from each patient, resulting in a gradual reduction that has been shown to have no significant clinical impact on blood pressure, heart rate, or the balance of electrolytes (e.g. sodium, potassium, etc.) in the body.

Up to 500 ml or 1.1 lb of fluid can be safely removed per hour. The average removal rate is 250 ml or ½ lb an hour and treatment usually lasts about 24 hours.¹ 

Patient Profile

Aquapheresis using the Aquadex FlexFlow has been used to treat tens of thousands of patients and is in use in hospitals throughout the world. When there is no improvement in diuretic therapy, the following key patient symptoms will be indicators for physician intervention with Aquapheresis therapy:

  • Patient has fluid overload, which is caused by congestive heart failure, impaired renal function, pulmonary edema, and other related vital organ issues
  • Physician prescribes a diuretic dose twice what the patient was taking home
  • Symptoms are monitored but do not improve
  • Physician changes the dose from oral to IV

Aquadex FlexFlow Technology

AQS-Hero_imageThe Aquadex FlexFlow is designed to simply, safely, and precisely remove excess fluid (primarily excess salt and water) from patients suffering from fluid overload who have failed diuretic therapy. With the Aquadex FlexFlow, medical practitioners can specify and control the amount of fluid to be extracted at the most safe, predictable, and effective rate. The Aquadex FlexFlow has been shown to have no clinically significant impact on electrolyte balance, blood pressure or heart rate.²

Easy to Operate, Safe to Use

The Aquadex FlexFlow offers a precise and safe approach to treating fluid overload:

  • Allows a medical practitioner to specify the amount of fluid to be removed from each individual patient
  • Aquapheresis therapy can be performed via peripheral or central venous access
  • Console provides highly automated operation with only one setting required to begin
  • Utilizes a single-use, disposable auto-loading blood filter circuit that facilitates easy set-up
  • Console guides medical practitioner through the setup and operational process

Rx Only

Indication: The Aquadex FlexFlow® System is indicated for temporary (up to 8 hours) ultrafiltration treatment of patients with fluid overload who have failed diuretic therapy; and extended (longer than 8 hours) ultrafiltration treatment of patients with fluid overload who have failed diuretic therapy and require hospitalization. All treatments must be administered by a healthcare provider, under physician prescription, both of whom having received training in extracorporeal therapies.


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Aquapheresis Feedback

On the benefits of Aquapheresis® Therapy

"It allows us to remove fluid quickly to make the patient feel better..."

Marc Pritzker, MD Minneapolis, MN

Patient Benefits for using the Aquadex FlexFlow® System

"Having a device that works so smoothly is very beneficial to the patient."

A Local Nurse Minneapolis, MN

Eric on Aquapheresis Therapy using the Aquadex System

"This machine has changed my life. I don't know where I would be today."

Eric Guggemos Eagan, MN