Heart Failure Treatment

How is heart failure treated?

Heart failure is a serious illness that can affect how long you live. However, with proper heart failure treatment and careful management, you can live longer and feel better. Generally, treatment depends on your NYHA classification and underlying medical condition. The major types of heart failure treatment includes:

• Lifestyle changes
• Heart Medications
• Surgery for correctable problems
• Implantable devices
• Heart transplant

The following interactive graphic illustrates the condition and the overall progression of heart failure. All existing and approved treatment goals are to slow the progression of heart failure. The C-Pulse Heart Assist System may offer physicians an effective new option for heart failure treatment, enabling them to relieve symptoms and halt the progression.

Patient Testimonials

After receiving C-Pulse:

"I stopped having those feelings where I couldn't breathe"

Emmette Fort Deposit, Alabama

Need for C-Pulse:

"The ejection fraction should be 50%. Mine was down to 20%"

Faye Cynthiana, Kentucky

After receiving C-Pulse:

"The things I can do now are dramatically changed... I'm back to being me"

Seabrun Grandview, Missouri

Each patient featured received the C-Pulse® System during the Feasibility Study. Individual results may vary.