The C-Pulse System

Every Pulse. Every Day.

The C-Pulse Heart Assist System leverages the concept of counterpulsation in an innovative way. Through its extra-vascular design, patients do not require device related anti-coagulation. The position of the cuff, on the ascending aorta, provides a unique opportunity to reduce afterload of the heart. For patients with Class III and ambulatory Class IV heart failure, the C-Pulse system can provide a chronic treatment alternative that assists the heart.

Unlike other technologies that replace the heart’s function and require constant use, the C-Pulse system is designed to assist the current heart function by increasing coronary blood flow, decreasing cardiac afterload, and improving cardiac function. The C-Pulse is non-obligatory, meaning patients can disconnect from the system for short periods of time to address personal hygiene needs. C-Pulse therapy is designed to reduce overall heart failure symptoms, improve quality of life, and reduce re-hospitalizations.

C-Pulse Patient Profile

  • Class 3 heart failure and Ambulatory Class 4 heart failure
  • Patients who are not responding well to optimal medical therapy
  • Patients who are severely limited in their daily activity

Heart Failure Treatment Gap

Heart Failure Treatment Gap

COUNTER HF™ Heart Failure Clinical Study

C-Pulse Heart Assist System is currently being studied through a pivotal clinical study being conducted in the United States:

COUNTER HF LogoCOUNTER HF heart failure Clinical Study is a prospective, randomized study evaluating patients with moderate to severe heart failure who have received the C-Pulse Heart Assist System compared to those patients on optimal medical management. Learn More

Important Safety Information can be found at the following webpage: Safety Information

Physicians' Feedback

Outcomes After Implanting C-Pulse:

"We have seen quality of life, in general, improve significantly..."

Andrew Kao Mid America Heart

Identifying the right patient for C-Pulse:

"Class III and IV heart failure...we need to do more for these patients."

William Abraham The Ohio State University

C-Pulse compared to VADs

"C-Pulse is not meant to replace Ventricular Assist technology..."

Andrew Kao Mid America Heart